Stroget Street in Copenhagen, Denmark

By hombrelobo on Sunday, 28 December 2008

Hi, oh sorry I have no hands. I have to do everything with gloves
and it’s a bit difficult. My name is Eduardo, and this is Travel.
A travel video blog. I was not going to record in Copenhagen.
We are in Copenhagen now, in Denmark. I was not going to record it, it’s very cold
as you can see, with my hat and everything.
But I saw this Christmas song that you probably saw in the previous video
and I love it, and I recorded a couple of them
so I decided just to continue recording. Where I am?
that is the Christmas Tree that they put in front of the town hall
and I’m just walking towards Stroget.
Stroget is the most famous pedestrian street in Copenhagen,
it’s all the shopping… Well, the traditional shopping street
I mean where all the places where all of the people come here
just to walk around, to see people and just to enjoy themselves
I’ve been here for half-an-hour. So I’m going to walk at least
a few minutes within the street so you get a feeling about this place,
and this is just the street. I will show you a little bit
of what you can expect here. Apart from the guy in the corner there,
it’s a friendly place, plenty of people and now it’s Christmas,
not Christmas yet, but it’s getting close to Christmas
that’s why you see the decorations and things.
And you can see the street that communicates, or goes
from the town hall to the central square. Well one of the central squares,
and I extremely recommend it.
If you went to see Copenhagen, you have to do this Stroget, this street.
And from one end to the other. Probably you will do it several times
because it’s, it’s a very popular street. I talk too much, right?
And sometimes I wonder how the people who are doing the subtitles
can cope with what I say, how I say it, and all that. They do have
a pretty good job most of the time. I will keep recording the street while I talk.
and I was always wondering how do they do all the subtitling.
And just in case you are wondering,
all the subtitles that I put into video are done by SubPly,
and it’s a company that, that is doing that, just putting sub-titles to videos.
And actually it’s in the promotion they have where by they…
They do it for free, so I don’t have to pay up.
At least not for the time being for the services. And that is very nice,
because I don’t make money with this video so that will be kind of difficult for me to pay.
But anyway, so I would recommend you to have a look at their services.
I think their website if I don’t remember wrongly, SubPly,
and I’m sure that they will be able to put that right in their subtitles.
So, anyway… I will keep recording a bit more about the street.
As you can see, we’ve been walking on this shopping street, and shops,
and cafeterias. The cafeterias of course,
in summer time they are very nice. In winter time, they are a little bit empty.
At least the terraces because it’s winter time and it’s cold.
And you seem a bit lost, so I don’t know if I’m focusing right
or putting the camera in the right place
or if you can see me or not, anyway. Ok, this is one of the squares
with not much light so I don’t think you will be seeing much.
Anyway, I wanted to show you this,
this is the beginning of the Stroget, this street continues down,
and you probably will be able to see it in the video
and I’m going to continue, I’m going to continue walking myself
but I don’t want this video to be so long, so I will stop here
and will let you have a few more images.
Enjoy Copenhagen, I’m Eduardo and this is Travel.
. . . . . . . . . . . .
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