Lufthansa VIP lounge, at Frankfurt airport

By hombrelobo on Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Hi, this is “Travel”, I am Eduardo.
I want to show you the executive lounge
of Lufthansa in Frankfort.
This is the lounge, well part of the lounge.
This is the data with the computers. All the small offices,
or where the small cubicles are.
As you can see, this is Lufthansa lounge.
It’s quite correct, it’s okay. It’s a nice place to spend a few minutes working.
And this is my travel gear. This is my briefcase.
And this is the laptop I’m using. It’s an… Acer ONE, which is a beautiful machine.
But what it comes… And this is what I’m going to have for lunch today.
And one… one silly is to build remark in the lounge. Look at the plaque.
There’s only one plaque and they use the American plaque in Frankfurt, in Europe,
which is… strange. Luckily for me, I have the right adaptors.
I will be able to connect the Acer ONE to the plaque.
But it’s kind of strange.
Anyway, I want to show you the lounge. Let me just go around with the camera.
In there you can look at the monies that you have with the Lufthansa card.
Some lockers, which is quite convenient.
And these cubicles, that, as you can see, are reasonable.
They have a decent chair, they have some space.
They are semi-private and you can have some time to rest
and to have a little thing to bite, and things.
And I’m going to play with my Acer now and I’m going to check the Email
using the T-Mobile connection, which is outrageously expensive.
I think it’s 8 Euros per hour, so, I’m going to give it a try,
to spend my well-earned money because it’s a Saturday afternoon
and I’m stuck here for three hours.
Let’s have fun. Okay.
. . . . . . . . . . . .
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In a tunnel, in Frankfurt, Germany

By hombrelobo on Monday, 8 December 2008

Hi, my name is Eduardo and this is travel.
And I was telling you in the last video
that I’m going to the Middle East.
And I’m still going to the Middle East.
I’m still in Frankfurt, in Germany.
And I have to take another plane.
I just came from Spain and I have to take another plane
just towards the Middle East. But I wanted to show you this, this tunnel.
This is the tunnel that connects two terminals, terminals A and B in Frankfort.
And it’s… it’s a funny tunnel because in order to make it a bit less boring
you have… it’s a normal tunnel, of course, you have this…
walking thingies, I don’t know what the name is in English, sorry for that.
But you have this one and you have all this colorful thingies.
They have… Sometimes they have music.
It’s very like psychedelic music, and I think they are trying to save money
on the… on the copyright so they put this computer generated music
and they have these lights that probably you can appreciate in the video,
which is like trying to make interesting something that’s
absolutely uninteresting and boring.
But anyway, and of course some alcohol advertisement in here.
So, their Duty Free shop, which I think is completely out of place,
putting adds about alcohol, what is this? More alcohol, I don’t know what it is.
Oh, this is perfume. Oh, this is perfume, sorry. Sorry about that.
But there’s more alcohol here.
Which, again I think is out of place,
putting alcohol adds all over the place
for kids and for everybody else to see.
But anyway, just wanted to show you the tunnel.
I’m still going to the… to the Middle East.
I will record some videos in there.
I hope you understand my… my English
because sometimes I say… sometimes I speak a bit fast.
But I guess that is… I will try to do some transcriptions
of this video so… you can probably read the subtitles…
in… in the video. And, I hope you like it.
It’s fun, at least, so…
. . . . . . . . . . . .
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